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Monday, November 08, 2004

Hmm, eyecandy

Some days ago I saw a web demo of a scripting language for call centers. Very impressive. Everything was configurable, every item had tons of properties, methods. It looked incredibly smooth. Perhaps even better than Visual Basic. But would I choose it for my scripting environment if I were a contact center? I don't think so.
Why not? Allow me to explain.
All these features take time. Your developers will want to use these features, so they will need time to learn these features. They will take more time to look up the intricacies of these features. They will take more time to develop the scripts, because after all, we now have a nice XYZ control so we *HAVE* to use it. That it can be implemented ten times as fast in an other way does not matter. They just need to use these new features.
Having all these features available on the agent side means more bugs which means more downtime and that means less productivity hence less money. Which is not what you are in business for.
Now, I'm not against new features - I'm against unncessary overhead. Remember the first time you saw a 'Tip of the Day'. Wasn't that cute? How many still do have a tip of the day activated? I deactivate them as soon as I can. I don't need all these gimmicks - I need a working environment, not a playground.
So what do you need when you are looking for a good scripting environment for your call center? You need a fast and flexible scripting environment in which most of the functionality is available (and the rest can be added on, if necessary), without all the bells and whistles.
So tell me: eyecandy scripting or fast functional scripting? What do you choose?
At Altitude Software we make such a scripting environment. Fast, lean and mean. During a demo, I can make a real life working script. Want to see it? Just Invite me.


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