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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Altitude Software

This is a blog about Altitude Software. And about me. I work there. And in this blog I will tell you what I do on a working day with our software.

I will write about the difficulties and success stories encountered in setting up call centers and contact centers, things I can and can't do with our software.

Let's start at the beginning then. Altitude Software is a Portugese company who writes call center software. Now this is quite a niche market, there are not a lot of other companies who write such software. Genesys is one. This is our main competitor, but there are others. Most of them are small ones, serving the local markets. But we (as Genesys) are trying to be a world wide call center software editor. Or I should say contact center software editor, because nowadays, it is not only the calls that could. More and more, e-mails become important. Chat is coming up. Faxes, SMS, you name a channel, the customer uses it, and the call center, sorry I mean contact center has to be able to handle the channel.

Thus Altitude's vision of a unified customer interaction, or uCI in short.

Altitude believes that there should be one set of rules managing all the contacts, whatever their source (telephone, e-mail, face to face). This seems very logical. It does not make any difference how the customer contacts you, he needs to be treated always in the same way. So you are a VIP whether you send a fax or an SMS. One routing engine, one set of business rules.

Well, enough business promotion, back to the real world. I'm working for the Belgian subsidiary of Altitude Software, which handles the Benelux and all Eastern Europe countries - so from time to time we get to travel a bit.

We are always doing lots of things at the same time - which is also the fun part of the job. Imagine having a job where you only do one thing at the time. Booooring! Handling 3 or 4 projects simultaneously is my middle name.

I'll stop here for now. Lateron I will tell you what projects I do and have done. What problems I have encountered and how I have solved them. In between I will explain you a little bit about Altitude Software and how it works.


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